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Trade CFDs on Commodities

Commodities trading takes place through buying and selling raw physical assets such as wheat or sugar. You can trade soft and hard goods. Soft goods include coffee, cocoa, sugar, corn, wheat, and soybeans. Hard resources are natural resources that must be mined. The most traded commodities are gold, rubber, and oil.

CFDs are an excellent trading solution because of their low or negative correlation and high potential return. Buy and sell spot commodity CFDs with the best spreads and spot execution on the market with no additional currency risk. Trading on the platform allows traders to invest in spot commodities without requiring, quickly and efficiently. Trade tight spreads, best prices, and executions while analyzing and profitable in a world-class market.

How and where are goods traded?

Commodities are traded on many exchanges such as the London Metal Exchange (base metals) and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (energy and metals). Using the OrbitGTM platform, you can trade Commodity CFDs that provide more liquidity and leverage, which can increase your winnings and your losses.

Inflation protection

Gold is considered one of the most stable commodities to trade. For example, during inflation, gold does not change much in value and may even rise in value

Resilience to crises

Green products cannot be discounted. They have immunity to geopolitical crises and can withstand currency fluctuations. Therefore, trading in commodities is a great way to diversify your portfolio and hedge against risks.


Get more opportunities with commodity trading. One of the most popular commodity contracts is oil CFDs. Since oil depends on the state of the world economy, investors speculate on its price

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