Trade low margin spot index CFDs and discover index trading. Speculate on market changes in popular indices such as the Dow, FTSE 100, S&P 500, and DAX 30

Major World Indices Trade

Trade both long and short positions that attract active traders looking for high profits. Trade the main world indices. Stock market indices are often used to describe the market and compare the returns on specific investments. This way, as a trader, you can hedge against the unnecessary risk that may be associated with a particular company or industry, without reducing the expected profit.

What are the popular indicators?

With CFDs, you can trade the world‘s most popular indices. Trade the most popular and widest range of indices from around the world, such as the NASDAQ 100, Dow Jones and FTSE 100, Wig 20 or IBEX 35.

Find out which are the most popular indices trading platforms according to the most traded, most volatile, high, and low values. The OrbitGTM platform offers a set of tools for traders showing general market trends.

Why Trade Indices?

Indices are used to track the dynamics of a basket of securities. For example, if you trade indices on an exchange comprising several stocks, then you open positions on several stocks at once. This way you are less stressed and less money-consuming. This is not a great way to trade for beginners.

When trading indices, you do not need to analyze each company, as the index is composed of several companies that give a more accurate picture of the state of the country's economy.


Benefits of Trading Index CFDs

Competitive lending rates

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Trade without expiration

Trade 24 hours, 5 days a week.Fertile time to trade

Commission-free trading

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