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Trading CFDs on stocks

Trade the stock market and invest in the world's largest companies. The OrbitGTM trading platform benefits fast order execution and spreads from 0 pips. In order for you to become an Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook shareholder, the platform uses trading tools. Maximize your profit potential. Use the table of stock instruments for the most traded, most volatile, high, and low.

Why Trade Stocks?

Stock market trading is very popular. With the growing popularity of CFDs, more and more traders are choosing to trade stocks via CFDs over traditional stocks, given the significant advantages such as leverage and the ability to enter long and short positions

CFDs on stocks allow you to increase your purchasing power by trading them using leverage. Make a profit in both rising and falling markets. When trading stocks via CFDs, profit from the movement of the stock without directly owning it. With stock CFDs, you can invest in stocks from multiple markets around the world and other instruments. Stock CFDs are very easy to understand. Trade stocks as CFDs on the world's most popular and recognized companies like Snapchat, Nike, and Google.


Find out which method works best for you when trading during a stock price movement

Method 1

Trade without leverage. Watch the change in prices and wait until demand exceeds supply for the company's shares. Thus, you will get income.

Method 2

Leveraged trading. Take part in the stock market with CFDs and get more flexibility than traditional trades

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