Trading calendar

Track important events that affect the market and finances with the economic calendar. Find out what can affect the underlying economy and trigger price movements.


The latest news thanks to the economic calendar

The economic calendar provides information on macro-and-microeconomic events that impact the global market. OrbitGTM allows you to trade, financial news in real-time. Stay relevant and relevant.

OrbitGTM has developed an economic calendar that focuses on financial events, economic data, and general industry announcements that influence the markets. Here you can get information about currencies and countries in which changes are taking place. Be a more confident trader. With such a tool, you will trade and make deals with a higher percentage of success. As news quickly loses its relevance, each event is listed. Events range from macro updates to company announcements and general policy statements. All this can change the trend in the general market.

Briefly about the economic event

Each event that is indicated in the economic calendar is planned in advance. Each event affects the markets and can be economic announcements, announcements of central banks, financial statements of large corporations, covering most economic indicators and events.

Features of the economic calendar

Thanks to the constant flow of news, a trader is better at understanding market changes, understanding their reasons, and can even predict how much the market will change. News is a significant source for analytics.

If it is important for you to keep track of market events and their performance, economic calendars are the tool that will best help you.

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